Get More Leads to Bricks and Mortar Businesses

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Get More Leads to Bricks and Mortar Businesses

When asked the straight question when taking about how to get more leads, “what does your business need most” most local or small business owners whose businesses are predominantly Bricks and Mortar, respond with “more sales”.

And of course, they are right. However, focusing on more sales alone won’t resolve the issue. To get more sales, we first need to focus on get more leads.

When talking about leads and creating sales from them there are two strategies I prefer, these are, generating fresh sales from fresh leads and generating fresh sales from re-targeting aged leads.

Today I want to focus how we get more leads from fresh generation.

Most local and small businesses are expert in generating leads from traditional marketing sources. These sources such as local papers, local radio, TV, magazines, billboards, trade magazines and the like have provided the ad space to reach customers successfully for many years.

Changing Times

Over the last 5 years’ things have changed quite noticeably. If you are a local or small business owner who uses local newspapers, you will have undoubtedly experienced increased advertising costs.

These costs have been driven largely by a loss of revenue in paid titles from a loss of physical sales as readers preferring to quick access to their news digitally. Fewer readers (purchasers) resulting in increased advertising rates to cover the production costs.

It’s not just Local and National titles that have suffered from the digital change. TV suffers from a similar issue with many people preferring TiVo or Q their programmes giving them the ability to skip the adverts, not great news for the revenue people, or advertisers.

Although this all sounds gloomy, the Digital Revelation is great for local and small businesses. It has never been easier to get more leads to Bricks and Mortar businesses.

The opportunity to become the recognised Brand, Expert or GoTo business in your sector is phenomenal. The ability attract, service and re-service customers and clients has never been more in your own control.

With the right strategy you can quite literally beat your competitors to the sale every single time just by employing a strategy which employs the power of the internet, the simplicity of social media, the immediacy of one click shopping and the intimacy of your business.

A recent study for GE Capital Retail Bank revealed that 81% of shoppers research online before buying, you can get the full report here (


Having a strategy to attract people who are looking for your products and services before they leave their home or office is critical in today’s selling world, if you don’t have a strategy you will lose out.

Many SEO consultants are adepts at driving traffic to big business gaining Brand exposure. This strategy for local and small businesses does not work.

You are not looking for thousands of eyes who are not interested in your products or services, yeah sure, you might get a few interested parties. What you want is a laser targeted strategy that attracts people to you, who are looking to buy what you are selling. Then making it a simple as possible for them to make the transaction and as quick as possible for them to get the purchased goods or service.

Creating a laser targeted strategy that delivers is simple and extremely cost effective. If you are a local or small business owner who believes that you only need advertise locally or that you don’t need to advertise at all.

Relying solely on passing foot fall, word of mouth or recommendations will simply result in you sticking in the same growth holding pattern and not move forward.

Having an inclusive strategy which harnesses traditional and digital routes to market id by far the best and most cost-effective way to get more leads to Bricks and Mortar Businesses.

Find Out How

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