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Learning to be an Effective Leader

Learning to Lead is undoubtedly one of the hardest skills a business owner needs to master in order to develop the skills and talents from all team members. Peter Drucker the renowned Australian Born, American Business Consultant famously said, Management is doing things right, Leadership is doing the right things. As business leaders we are often so deeply immersed in running the business we can often lose sight how our Leadership (or lack of it) affects our business.

The Subject of Leadership is particularly close to my own heart and I can tell you that as a young man learning to manage and motivate businesses I didn’t always get the Leadership element right. I was fortunate to have a very experienced CEO, Willie Taylor, willie identified that as a Leader I had a flaw, a flaw that if left unchecked would undo all the other great work I was achieving. As I forged forward creating success for the business and achieving good results and returns, I was having to push the people around me rather than them wanting to follow me. Willie Taylor identified a flaw which today I see all too often in other business leaders, I lacked Humility.

Leadership is not one size fits all skill, it is my opinion that before you can become an effective leader you first need to understand your own leadership strengths and weaknesses, only then can you hope to lead people and businesses to great fulfillment and success.

What is Leadership

Leadership we mostly defined already , for a single word which so much depends upon it has an equally short description Leadership is “Doing The Right Things”. Defining exactly what are the “Right Things” when you understand the theory behind Leadership soon becomes second nature.

Learning and understanding how to become an effective leader is an extremely rewarding curve, not only do you grow as and individual, your business or team grows both emotionally and successfully, but more than this, your reputation grows as someone who is successful through empowerment, motivation and understanding. None of us was born with all the tools we need to be great managers, leaders or captains of industry and those who understand that investing in proven learning outcomes can quickly archive their personal and business goals.

Leadership Learning

Leadership Learning is delivered in group sessions with groups ranging from 10 to 20 participants, courses are run on a Wednesday evening from 7pm for 3 hours, each course lasts for six weeks. The Leadership courses are interactive with team breakout sessions and group exercises. You will also learn what type of Leader you are, identifying your strengths and weaknesses, at the end of each course you will have developed your own tailored action plan.

During the course you will learn how to;

  • Understand What Type of Leader You Are
  • Create an Inspiring Vision of the Future
  • Motivate and Inspire People
  • Identify Individual Types and Needs
  • Leadership Theory Types
  • Understanding Power
  • Emotional Intelligence

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